TopicNew Website

  • Sun 5th Oct 2014 - 7:24pm

    Guys i hope you like the new website so far its a new cms and there might be some bugs along the way but the people behind it will be improving it all the time with new stuff coming out for it. Also hope you like the idea in COBRA turning into a multi gaming clan instead of just sticking to the battlefield series. Think this will make cobra bigger and better for everyone.

     photo razorsig_zpsd2522534.png
  • Mon 6th Oct 2014 - 7:51pm

    well like the new site razor to put all games on one site is a great idea when you read comments about other games everybody play it give me a chance to know what each game is like and ill buy it so i will roughly know what i will expect so yes this new website will be a mind of useful info .WELL DONE MATE :)...PROUD TO BE PART OF COBRA. ANDY .

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